It is becoming increasingly clear that the Government, Minister's and MP’s do not fully understand how small businesses work, their challenges and opportunities.

There are a wide variety of small business, their motivations and the way they work, and as UK small businesses make up the largest part of the economy we would like to try and help Government to get closer to small business and understand the needs of this sector as well as the impact of their actions.

The Forum of Private Business wants to encourage members and non-members to sign up to the campaign and open their doors to Ministers and MPs. Let them spend some time working and to fully understanding this highly entrepreneurial sector who we will be relying on to “Get Britain Trading”.



#1 Performance

Work with our member companies to improve their performance and productivity as well as making it simpler and fairer to do business in the UK and internationally.

#2 Trust

We need to maintain the trust, reputation and value in British companies. The Forum's existing “Hall of Shame” will be re-launched, highlighting bad behavior that damages trust in British business.

#3 Ethics

We need to make sure that the Forum's member companies are setting a good example by behaving in an ethical and compliant manner. Our ethical workbook and compliance handbook will be available to all Forum members in the coming months.

#4 Brexit

We've taken the headline ideas from our post Brexit plan to ensure that we have an economy that makes it simple for our member companies to do business and gives them a level playing field to operate on.

#5 Feedback

Provide Government with clear direct feedback of our member views and fight injustice on their behalf. We will work with Government to make sure that initiatives are kept simple and any changes and actions are communicated clearly to our members.

#6 Partnerships

Forum members are registering for our Business Partner Scheme, where small firms open their doors to Ministers, their local MP, civil servants and education establishments to come and work in their business for a few hours.


"Squeezing the smaller employers and self-employed who make up a large part of the UK economy is not clever"

Forum of Private Business tells Chancellor.

The Forum of Private Business has given the Chancellor 4 out of 10 for his Budget announcements, with a warning that continued pressure on small businesses and the self-employed is short sighted as we look to Get Britain Trading again.

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  • "Previously we didn’t have the support that we now get with the Forum of Private Business and there was an awful lot we got wrong." Bridget McCreery - Knutsford Bloom, Cheshire

  • "The Forum of Private Business is the most cost effective way of getting the best advice and support that I have ever come across." Paul O'Leary - Bright Futures Care Ltd, Cheshire.

  • "A team of experts who understand the problem and are available to point you in the right direction with tried and trusted solutions. I am really glad that I joined the Forum of Private Business. Jo Shaer - Lollipop, Essex.

  • "Startups must step into business by putting their best foot forward, the Forum is there to provide the solid ground on which to do just that." Jonathan Farber - WA16 PR, Cheshire.

40 years in business

The Forum of Private Business is a not-for-profit comprehensive business support organisation founded in 1977.

Our membership is spread throughout the UK and primarily made up of companies that employ between 1-50 employees, helping them to manage employees, saving time, giving advice, support and protection where a business needs it.

We are a recognised leading authority on business issues and represent the interests of business owners on many consultative bodies. We have built a solid reputation, being influential in many areas of policy-making, in changing laws that affect small businesses, and we continue to campaign for the fair treatment of businesses within the UK.

Everything we do is about making sure our members’ businesses operate profitably.